Inès de Nicolaÿ was born in the Loire Valley. She spent her childhood in both the Chateau de Montfort and the Chateau du Lude, surrounded by the artwork of great masters. She therefore has a natural eye which she trained and developed thanks to a formal education at the Art Students League of New York, the Académie Charpentier in Paris and, above all, a great deal of practice.


Her work aims to preserve a certain lifestyle that’s adapted to today's world, and she finds her inspiration in antique patterns as well as in her everyday surroundings : flowers, fruit, plants, insects, coats of arms, monograms, all of which are interpreted in modern drawings, or inspired by antique forms. She also accepts exclusive and personalised requests: the fine white porcelain is then decorated with crests, mottoes, intertwined letters, themes drawn from a wide range of universes, from gardens to the sea, dreams, or the world of hunting, to name a few. Inès de Nicolaÿ finds her porcelain at only the best French, German and Portuguese manufacturers. Esteemed by the greatest porcelain makers of France and Europe for her style, she also has a clientele in the United States and all across Europe. They appreciate the elegance and delicacy of her stroke, and the accuracy of her French taste that she is naturally keen on sharing.